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Mappero brings you turn-by-turn navigation in your favourite language

If your favourite language is interlingua, that is. Or if you are willing to record your voice and submit it for inclusion, chances are that the next version of mappero will support your language, with your voice too! :-)

Just follow the detailed instructions in this thread, and have the community enjoy your voice. :-) All languages supported by the N900 are supported by Mappero voice navigation too.

Mappero 3.0+beta7 is now in extras-testing, and with the advent of the PR1.2 release it shouldn't make the device unstable anymore. Please install it, test it, and report your feedback and hopefully it will get promoted to Maemo extras soon.

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Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Mardy,

wish you are doing great

thanks a lot for your work on Mappero

i just wanna ask you, how can i use voice navigation? i haven't found any option to enable it

and, does the navigation work with google maps or just openstreet

thank you


27 maggio 2010 12:32  
Blogger Mardy ha detto...

Navigation works with any maps. You need to go to the menu -> settings -> announcements, and enable everything there :-)

27 maggio 2010 12:55  
Blogger Woody ha detto...

Not sure why, but with the latest version I don't get any voice nav at all. I had an older version (still called maemo mapper) that used flite to call out directions on my N900. After the update it now just "beeps" and shows the directions.

I tried disabling and re-enabling the check box. The command line tool still makes the device chatter using flite and espeak. Just mappero doesn't talk any more.

Is there a particular version of flite it's looking for? How does it determine if flite is available? For me the command is in /usr/bin, which is clearly in the path and works for root and user.... Any ideas?

27 maggio 2010 23:06  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

I tried testing the navigation. With the Google router I got "Service not available". Reittiopas gives "Invalid source or destination". Yandex gives no errors, but doesn't come up with a route. Tough luck I guess :)

Would it be possible to use OpenStreetMap for routing? There are at least a couple of routing services available online: and . Offline navigation (by downloading OSM data in advance and using a local routing engine, like gosmore) would be even more cool!

28 maggio 2010 09:58  
Blogger Mardy ha detto...

@Woody: Mappero is not using flite anymore, but real voice samples.
Can you open a terminal and see what you have under /usr/share/sounds/mapper/ ?

@jespercheetah: Google relies on server, which lately is often unaccessible. Reittiopas works only in the Helsinki region, and Yandex in Moscow. I'm investigating other ways of getting the route, including cloudmade (but it's not a free service). seems to be not working, nothing happens when I click on "Find route".

28 maggio 2010 12:18  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

thanks, got the idea of how to navigate (1st post, max), but keeps giving me "Invalid source or destination" , will keep trying

30 maggio 2010 08:39  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

@Mardy: Ah, that explains it :) Don't know why didn't work when you tried it. It seems to work fine now. Do you have javascript enabled?

Anyway, I was thinking about creating a local routing engine by combining a webserver (e.g. lighttpd) with a wrapper around gosmore (to translate the output of gosmore to GPX). But I can't seem to figure out how to configure more routing services in Mappero? I mean, I see various routing settings under gconf /apps/maemo/maemo-mapper/routers, but no URLs. Can you enlighten me? :)

30 maggio 2010 17:34  
Blogger Mardy ha detto...

@jespercheetah: routing services are at the moment binary modules built in mappero's code. I'm working to have them as separate dynamically loadable plugins.

1 giugno 2010 11:29  
Blogger Woody ha detto...

@Mardy: I have links off to /opt/maemo/usr/share/sounds/mapper, and the files appear to be there and world readable. I'm getting only the system "beep" sound when new directions show up though.

I really liked the way it used flite before (which I also rigged to use espeak). You'd get detailed directions that way with street names, not just right/left. Any chance of turning that back on as an option?

1 giugno 2010 22:45  
Blogger Mardy ha detto...

@Woody: I haven't been testing the voice navigation since quite some time, but I just tried and it doesn't work for me either. I'll investigate and see what's wrong.
The reason why I hate the synthesized voice is that it works in English speaking countries only: here it Finland when I hear the Finnish street names pronounced according to English rules I'm more puzzled than guided... :-)

1 giugno 2010 23:44  
Blogger Nathanael ha detto...

Why don't you add a option to use espeak, it is maintained and has different pronouncing so that it sounds better for all the countries.

4 giugno 2010 10:27  
Blogger Mardy ha detto...

@Nathanael: I thought about it, too, but it would work only if we knew in advance what parts of text are in which language. For instance, in a sentence like: "Turn right into via Roma", there's no way mappero can tell that "via Roma" is Italian.

4 giugno 2010 11:41  
Blogger Woody ha detto...

@Mardy: If you have a nationalized translation you can output the string to espeak and it will use the proper pronunciation for the region. ESpeak has settings for which language guides to use, so its way ahead of flite in that reguard.

Really though, if I'm in Spain using my English speaking device, I'm not going care that it says "carrer Jesus" as "Kay-rer Ge-sus" vs "Ka-rahr He'zuse". In fact, it saying the name in a foreign dialect would probably be more confusing if I didn't know the pronunciation rules for that language.

Personally, I like espeak since it lets the user change things as they want. If I want to make a perl script to fish out certain things to change them to make them more pleasing to me, I can do that with espeak. With a built in playback system I don't have the flexibility.

Thanks for making a great map program though! Now I just need to find a way to have it launch Mappero when I hit a nav link in the contact list instead of OVI Maps. ;)

4 giugno 2010 22:00  
Anonymous bertwin ha detto...

I also cannot hear any voice in newest mappero (3.1) on my N900, even there are both check-boxes enabled in Announce dialog and decribed voice files are present on expected location.

14 settembre 2010 18:16  
Blogger Wanderer ha detto...

Mappero 3.1 and espeak
Mappero 3.1 and espeak

1 ottobre 2010 06:59  

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