domenica 1 agosto 2010

Google Maps routing: the day after

Just one day after releasing mappero 3.0+beta11, another version is out. Today's hot dish is the Google Maps address disambiguation dialog:

It sometimes happens (especially to people living in Italy) that the address you need exists in different cities. “Via Roma”, for instance, is one very common street name in Italy, so if you are searching for it in Google Maps web interface you won't get a route, but instead you'll get a list of possible matches. And so far, in such a situation Mappero would have spit out the infamous “Invalid source or destination.” error message.
In today's release the situation is improved, because when we get a disambiguation request from Google Maps, Mappero shows the screen above and lets you pick your destination. This should hopefully save you some time when typing addresses.

I still have a few unclear points about Google Maps behaviour, because sometimes the reply is different from what we get via web, and it seems that it doesn't always honour our request for local results only. So, if someone is familiar with Google Maps parameters and knows how to get the destination address resolved using a local search, please let me know and as a reward I'll append your name to all street names returned by Mappero. ;-)

By the way, the main reason for releasing this today was that this version also fixes the problem when libmappero doesn't get automatically upgraded along with Mappero. Also, the fact of having received a huge donation stimulated me to do something in return. :-)

Oh! I hope that now you won't be expecting a new release every day! But in case you do, here is how you can make it happen.

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6 Commenti:

Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

download from maemo-devel?

2 agosto 2010 14:13  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

that new release seemed to have fixed the bugs in my phone, but, espeak is not saying the directions still.

2 agosto 2010 14:22  
Blogger Wvrent ha detto...

Each new version I find myself using Maps less and less

I was enjoying the turn notification yesterday after renaming the en_US to en_GB but todays update seems to break it. Now it beeps.

eSpeak would be great as testing a kml through it sounded fine. Though only in english...

I'm doing a 2000km road trip next week. Currently its a tossup between Mappero and navit.

3 agosto 2010 00:22  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

I have with this version the same instability problem I had with beta9. From time to time, Mappero crashes and closes, especially while on the move. Beta 11 seem to have fix most of it, but now it happens again.

3 agosto 2010 08:59  
Blogger Mardy ha detto...

For all those having Mappero crashing: please help me debug the issue, by following the instructions reported here:

3 agosto 2010 17:22  
Blogger Wanderer ha detto...

Mappero 3.1 and espeak

1 ottobre 2010 06:57  

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