giovedì 23 agosto 2012

Introducing Mappero Geotagger

A few days ago I published the first version of Mappero Geotagger, an open source geotagging application for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Geotagging a file means assigning a geographic location to it, and it's an action typically performed on picture files, so that the geotagged photo can be shown on a map at the location where it was taken. Many photo-sharing websites, like for instance flickr and picasa, will show your pictures on a map, as you can see for example in this picture of mine. Some services also allow you to view all photos taken in a certain area; for instance, here are some nice pictures taken in Porvoo, Finland.

Mappero Geotagger is a simple graphical tool to geotag your photos. You can manually move pictures on the map to set or change their location (removing the geotag is also possible) or, if you happened to record your way with a GPS while you took the pictures, the program can automatically correlate the time of the photos with the time of the GPS signal, and therefore establish with a certain precision where the pictures where taken. Since the time of the GPS receiver and the time of your camera might differ (and usually they do, especially if you travel to a different time-zone and forget to update the time in one of your devices), Mappero Geotagger has some controls to allow you to smoothly adjust the time difference and provides you an immediate feedback as you'll see the images being laid out on the map along the GPS track. The video below should give you a better idea of how this works:

See Mappero Geotagger in action

I'm selling the application from my website for 15€, but if you hurry up and either tweet or mention it in Google+ you can have it for 5€ only — and if you blog about it, you'll get it for free. Detailed info on the promotion are here

Incidentally, if you own a Nokia N9 or N900, the source code which you will get when purchasing Mappero Geotagger can also be compiled for these phones, into an application (still under heavy development, but already usable) which lets you record a GPX track usable with Mappero Geotagger.

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domenica 12 agosto 2012


Que significa le vocabulo ericio in interlingua? Illo es le protagonista de iste video, que io filmava hodie durante mi promenada quotidian con le minuscule Alexandro:

Evidentemente le ericio non sensava mi presentia, usque le momento quando io probava a approximar me a circa 30 centimetros; io suppone, que illo voleva dicer me: “tu ha essite bastante fortunate a vider me; alora, non vole troppo!”. Io le regratiava pro su apparition, e continuava le promenada. Alexandro infortunatemente sempre esseva in le culla, dormiente como un angelo, incurante de ulle cosa.

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venerdì 3 agosto 2012

Novas in familia

Sabbato 28 julio, al octo horas del matino, Alessandro (io suppone que le nomine in interlingua es Alexandro) nasceva! Io assisteva al nascentia e habeva le honor de taliar le funiculo umbilical; toto esseva extrememente emotionante, al puncto que io non pote memorar mi pensatas — io crede, que mi cerebro esseva in como in apnea, totalmente vacue.
20 minutas de vita
Nos passava le due dies successive in le hospital; illo esseva plen, ma fortunatemente on poteva arrangiar un camera familiar (pro le infante, Yulia e anque pro me); le infermera multo se excusava pro le conditiones de nostre camera.
Un del muros del camera
Nonobstante le apparentia vetule del camera, nostre permanentia esseva multo comfortabile.
Duo dies de vita
Quando nos finalmente sortiva, io vadeva quasi spontaneemente a comprar flores pro mi amata.
Justo ante le partita del hospital
Le dies veniente, nos recipeva le visita del genitores de Yulia. Illes nos adjutava multo, e permitteva nos de prender alicun pausas de nostre nove principal occupation (que es comocunque un occupation totalmente amabile).

Le prime promenada pro le infante, con le parte russe del familia :-)
Durante iste septimana, nos ha portate Alessandro a promenar cata die; ille sempre dormi profundemente durante le cammino, e nulle movimento improvise pare poter eveliar le (lo que es le contrari de lo que eveni durante le nocte!).
Ancora nos debe comprender totalmente como nostre vitas va cambiar gratias a iste felice addition al familia; pro le momento, nos es solmente occupate a gauder de illo.

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