giovedì 29 aprile 2010

Name change Mapper -> Mapper-o and UI help needed

The title says it all: for the next version I plan to change the name from Mapper to the definitely much better sounding Mapper-o. I might still be convinced to change the plan and use a different name, if someone happens to suggest something I cannot resist to.

Anyway, the main reason behind the change is that a project named Mapper already exists in maemo for the N900, although so far it's only available in extras-devel; and going back to “Maemo Mapper” doesn't look like a great option, considering that Meego is the future (and maybe some other platforms, who knows?). So, I needed a different name which would:

  • be recognizable by users already familiar with it
  • possibly start with the same letters, so that users would still find it in the application manager when looking for Mapper
  • hopefully be found in search engines when someone searches for “mapper”
  • sound really, really cool
  • make people wonder why the helsinki I chose it

And “Mapper-o” is also easy to pronounce: in fact, there are no rules on how to pronounce it! I myself read it as one would read the word “màppero” in any phonetic language (which English is not), to prove that even the silliest reading sounds just too cool. ;-)

As a slightly different topic, Mapper-o is looking for help from icon/graphics/UI designers: thread post in t.m.o.. If you happen to be interested, don't hesitate to step in! The glory is waiting for you!

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Blogger George ha detto...

We aught to touch base some time. I developed the Maemo Mapper Howto I'm interested in creating an N900 version but I don't have access to an N900. My email in on my site.

30 aprile 2010 09:23  
Blogger MrMoosehead ha detto...

Then to Meepper?

1 maggio 2010 00:37  
Blogger Martijn ha detto...

I say get rid of the dash, it looks silly. And "mappero" happens to be valid Interlingua for mapper, which is a plus.

1 maggio 2010 15:48  

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